Indoor Matches

Indoor Matches
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Indoor Matches

We only know how skillful we are when we are put to test. It is imperative that each player knows who he is up against and how to best tackle his competitor in a game. Tournaments thus play a crucial role in shaping an athlete.

So, from this year onwards, we will start organizing indoor cricket matches. In this, each team will play tough and competitive cricket of 16 overs in Australian playing conditions. Each team shall play 3 league matches & 2 teams shall qualify to next round in each group of 6 teams.

Rules & Playing Conditions - 2019

  1. 1. Each side consists of 8 players, 16 Over a side (6 ball over).
  2. 2. Each player shall maximum bowl 4 over alternately.
  3. 3. For every dismissal and misconduct, 5 runs will be deducted from the team total.
  4. 4. Batsmen gets retired after scoring 30 runs.
  5. 5. The players have to bring their own cricket kit.
  6. 6. Indoor balls are provided to play the Matches.
  7. 7. Each Team shall play 3 matches at the League Stage.
  8. 8. Wickets are pitched at distance of 20 meters.
  9. 9. Bowler to bowl from bowlers run up from a maximum of 10 feet.
  10. 10. Delivery which is pitched up passes above shoulder and full pitch delivery above waste shall be called as "NO" Ball.
  11. 11. Not more than 3 fielders on the leg side.
  12. 12. The Team that has better average runs will be declared as the winners. If equal, the team that has lost the least no. of wickets will be declared as winners. If equal, then Bowled Out will take place to determine the Winners.
  13. 13. If the points are equal in the league stage then all the matches are considered in the league stage to determine the net run rate.
  14. 14. Net Run rate: ( No. of runs scored / Overs faced ) - ( No. of runs given / Overs bowled )
  15. 15. POINTS: Win - 4; Tie - 2; Loss - 0
  16. 16. Under Arm Bowling: Under Arm Bowling will not be permitted.

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