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Modern Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

The sole aim of TPISC is to give the necessary modern facilities so that the players can fine tune their skills and work upon their weaknesses. This will enable them to give their best performance if and when they go for state and national tournaments. All-around fitness, nutritious food with a dab of recreational activities in between are the vital ingredients that goes in the making of an unbeatable cricketer. We make sure that the players are able to avail all such facilities in one place. A player cannot afford to have a day off the field. Keeping that in mind, we provide indoor as well as outdoor facilities throughout the year. We provide end-to-end amenities so there are no hurdles in the overall development of the sportsmen of tomorrow.

Modern Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

1. Indoor

We pride at being one of the few sports complexes in India who also provide indoor facilities. Since this region of India is prone to receiving heavy amounts of rainfall every year for atleast 3-4 months, it becomes nearly impossible for the players to practice in the field. Our indoor infrastructure is fully equipped with a bowling machine, 8 lanes, astrotufs, and designed spaces for fielding drills. The dimensions of the indoor facilities 125m length and 75m breadth which gives the players sufficient space to practice. On weekends we also cordially invite corporates to visit us and make the best use of our facilities to enjoy a game of cricket.

2. Outdoor

One of the legendary cricket coaches of all time, Ramakant Achrekar, believed that excelling in the game in cricket came from learning the simplest of things and playing plenty of matches. We completely agree! We provide a proper, completely functional and thoroughly maintained cricket fieldwhere the aspiring cricketers can play matches and tournaments. There are 5 pitches on the ground which is where the real action happens. It is vital that players should be able to make the most use of technology to hone their game and know where there is a scope of improvement. Thus, we offer video facilities as well as performance testing. Football enthusiasts are also welcome to utilize the ground facilities from time to time.


3. Gymnasium

Unless the athletes are physically fit, playing cricket regularly can take a toll on them. The game of cricket requires the players to have the required amount of stamina, flexibility and agility so they can play their best game on the field. Without having a proper routine and physical training, they will become susceptible to not only injuries but also to various health ailments. To keep our players fit, we have maintained a state-of-the-art gymnasium so they get that inner strength to give stunning performances.

4. Swimming Pool

Swimming has dual benefits for cricketers. It helps in weight control and is considered an effective cardiovascular exercise. In addition to that, it is a great way to relax after the players have had a long day of hard work. For this very reason, there is a swimming pool available within the premises of the sports complex.

Swimming Pool

5. Villas

One of the biggest concerns for outstation players is accommodation. We have readily available hostel facilities so that the players don’t have to travel in a new city looking for a place to stay. Each villa consists of 3 bedrooms, a drawing room and a veranda. Consequently, players will have a spacious place for themselves and won’t face any discomfort in the duration of their stay here.

6. Restaurant

One cannot compromise on food, especially not an athlete. At TPISC, we want to take all the steps needed so the players are at ease and get the end-result they want without facing too many hassles.This is why we have a completely operational restaurant that serves all three meals during the day. There is also a café at the ground for that small tea or coffee break!

Mini Theatre

7. Mini Theatre

Even the best of players need some time off. If they don’t, they might get burnt out and lose their form. This can cause the athletes to feel frustrated and lose their focus. In order regain that focus and so they are able to keep their head in the game, they should have some time in their schedule for leisure activities. Watching good cinema is one such activity. It can inspire them to do better and also give them the rejuvenation they need.

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